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Paquetería Estrella Blanca, better known as Envia Paquetería, is a courier and parcel company with coverage throughout Mexico. The Estrella Blanca group was born more than 70 years ago in the state of Hidalgo and since then it leads several transport services such as: parcel and courier services, travel, auto transport, removals, flights, holidays, buses and more.

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The Estrella Blanca group grew first with regular service lines and then with first class services, such as 'Transportes Chihuahuenses' in 1978. Estrella Blanca's parcel service (Envia) began its activity in the 60's, taking advantage of the buses' trunks on each trip. Today, its parcel and courier services, mail delivery, transportation and freight have been an important service and reference in Mexico.

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White Star Parcel has different types of services, learn about some of them:

  • Parcels and Messenger Services: Package delivery service, through specialized buses and trucks which are consolidated in distribution centers of Estrella Blanca Package to be sent to each destination.
  • It happens: With the Happening service we will move your package to the closest branch to the destination so that the client can pick it up.
  • Home collection and delivery: With the home collection and delivery service, the customer indicates where he wants the delivery person to pick up his parcel and where he wants it to be sent afterwards.
  • Packaging and strapping: A service that any customer can request to protect their shipments throughout the national territory.
  • Shipping insurance: With the shipping and courier insurance you can cover from $100 to $50,000 in damages and protect your shipments all the way.
  • Freight Collect: Freight Collect service consists of transporting any package shipment and the receiving customer will cover the payment of the shipment.
  • Express shipping: With the White Star Express service you can send any mail and it will be delivered in less than 24 hours or 48 hours depending on its destination.
  • International parcel delivery: The international shipments are one more service of parcel shipments and with it, you will have computerized tracking to more than 180 countries.


Although the prices of each package shipment may vary at Estrella Blanca, either by weight, distance, delivery time or package dimensions, we would like to offer you a price estimate that applies to each service;

  • Envelopes: Delivery of envelopes not exceeding 1 kilogram, by land, from the city of Monterrey to the State of Mexico, is 115 pesos.
  • Packages: The AeroExpress shipment of up to 1 kilogram in weight, with a dimension not exceeding 10 centimeters on each side, without acknowledgment of receipt but delivering the package at home, from the city of Monterrey to the State of Mexico, is 196 pesos.
  • National Express Envelopes: In this quote all envelopes (will be considered on any shipment that is not excessively large, in which case it will be considered a package) will have the same price, from any city of origin and to any city of destination in Mexico, 140 pesos.


We recommend that you continue to visit the different sections of our website, where with your tracking number you can track your package from origin to destination, learn how to make a quote, print your invoice, consult our phone numbers, read our blog or simply check our frequently asked questions. For anything you need we are here, thank you for trusting Paqueteria Envia.