Here you will find advice about the world of parcels and courier services. From the Estrella Blanca transport group we want to help you to be successful with your shipment.

Estrella Blanca Group Buses

Estrella Blanca group transportation provides reliable and cost-effective people movers and special services in the state of Mexico. Its fleet of buses is one of the best in Mexico. The group's buses provide a comfortable and safe ride for passengers. They offer a selection of road trips that will take you to the most important places in the state of Mexico.

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Can I send medicine in the mail?

This is an interesting question, sending medication by mail is usually presented as a fairly common requirement, although many of us have the need for specific daily prescription drugs or we usually use a special medication for sporadic ailments, when traveling and see if we can take our medications, it is a question that invades us and we need to ...

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Packing and Shipping Tips

From Paquetería Estrella Blanca, now Envia, we leave you with some advice so that your experience when shipping and packing your package or product is the most successful, we go with the advice: Tip 1: Gifts usually come in all shapes and sizes, and that's why sometimes you might ...

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Correct product packaging

Generally we seek to pack correctly objects or products to take care of them, either on the occasion of a move, to send the package and that it arrives intact, to keep some precious object, among other reasons, but all have the objective of taking care of a content, avoiding that this is broken or mistreated, by falls, agitation ...

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