How to pack and label your packages correctly?

If you want your packages to arrive at their destination without any inconvenience or material or economic loss, you must take into account certain information for good packaging.

Surely, on some occasions, we have had the task of preparing a package and labeling it for shipment; whether it is for work or personal matters.

However, this does not imply that it has been carried out in the form, information and preparation required, nor does it imply that the label has been correctly applied.

The truth is that both aspects are essential for a package to reach its destination and should not be trivialised.

Tips for sending a package

In both cases, whether you have already sent packages or you are a newcomer, you need to take into account certain tips to make your shipments.

First of all, you should take care of some keys, on the packaging and the label, so that the carrier can make your delivery correctly.

Second, choose the right material to use for packing, because the receipt of what you send will depend on it.

Also, be aware of the dimensions of your package. Try to adjust it to the idea of protection and to the budget, with which you have to pay, in the company in charge of making the shipment.

For example, if what you need is to physically send some documents, it is not necessary to pack them in a big box; using a plastic envelope that will ease your shipment and at the same time, protect it, will be enough.

On the other hand, if you need to send a fragile package or one that can be damaged or broken, you should try to prepare your packaging in the most correct way.

To avoid damage or loss of the packages you are sending, there are shock-absorbing materials, such as: bags, sponges, air bags, foam film, foam profiles, bubble wrap, filling chips, among others.

But if you lack these inputs or a budget for this, you can prepare your package, lining it up and protecting it, with: paper, cardboard, cloth, cotton or plastic or cardboard bags.

shipping boxes

With several layers of these materials you can armor your shipment by hand or with recycling material. In addition, under no circumstances should you forget to identify it, such as a package with fragile products.

Once your documents or products to be sent have been correctly packaged, the label must be the most appropriate for them to reach their destination.

How do I label a package?

The label on your package is as important as the merchandise or what you are sending, as well as the way you package it.

It's not just a formality. The label would be the "identity" of the package.

It contains for the carrier, the information of who is sending and to whom it will be sent.

It is recommended that the label be printed rather than handmade in order to minimize any errors or confusion in the shipment.

When preparing your label, it is required to contain the following data, both of the sender and of the recipient:

  • Name and surname: it is mandatory to properly place the name and surname of who is sending and who is receiving.
  • Identity card number: in this case, it is essential to correctly identify the recipient and sender of the shipment, in order to avoid that the recipient is not the correct person.
  • Full address and postal code: this element will allow your package to reach its destination correctly or, if not, to be returned to you.
  • Telephone number: as a result of day-to-day dynamics, in matters of shipping and to prevent your package from being returned or in that case, from being lost or delayed, you can include the contact number of the sender, such as the receiver of the package. Likewise, this aspect helps to ensure that the shipment is more effectively in the hands of the recipient.
shipping box

Shipping Services

Another point to take into account and that is of utmost importance, is the choice of the appropriate shipping service, depending on the package to be sent, or the one that fits my needs or requirements.

Today, there are hundreds of companies that provide parcel delivery services. Some are more professional and popular than others, or use various transport mechanisms.

The important thing here is that you check the different options available for shipping services and compare the company's information by checking their reputation or suggestion box on their website or social networks.

Also, make sure that the shipping fees are in line with the budget allocated for this.

Mostly, the fee to be paid for the packages, is conditioned by: the weight, dimension and ways of transportation of the shipment, as well as by the time of delivery. When we decide to send our package, we do so in the safest way possible and therefore, these service companies usually offer shipping insurance, as well as, in other cases, depending on the product packed, are mandatory payment for transfer. Ask for a quote with us.