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If you need to send a package in Mexico or outside the country, don't think twice, your best option is the Estrella Blanca de Monterrey parcel service.

Service company that has a wide and successful trajectory in the market, starting activities in the 60s, being today a subsidiary of one of the most important companies in the country, the Estrella Blanca group, specialized in providing transport logistics services, with a coverage of routes in 31 states of the nation as well as internationally.

What does Estrella Blanca Monterrey offer? 

In Paquetería Estrella Blanca Monterrey, you will find values and commitment to service quality, committed to guaranteeing all our users personalized attention, punctuality, security and responsibility as well as real-time monitoring of the status of the shipment through telephone or online options, which has led us to become a national reference for the provision of parcel and courier services, mail delivery, transportation and freight.

Our main office is located at: José Mariano Salas no.511, col. Hidalgo Monterrey, Nuevo León, C.P. 64290.Phone: 8331-7294, 8331-7295, 8331-7151, 8331-7143

For your convenience, it has other branches in Monterrey, strategically located throughout the city:

Ø San Nicolás Universidad no. 503 Norte, col. Centro, San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, C.P. 66440. Telephone: (81) 8376-9862 (81) 8332-2847.

Ø Ag. Las Américas Carretera Miguel Alemán No. 6063 - local 102, Col. América Guadalupe, C.P. 67130. Telephone: (81) 8334-0374.

Ø Colón 2 Av. Colón no. 2005, col. Centro, Monterrey, Nuevo León, C.P. 64103. Telephone: (81) 8375-0262.

Ø Avenida Simón Bolívar number 1111, local 1, Col. Mitras Centro, Monterrey, Nuevo León, C.P. 64460. Telephone: (81) 8346-1831.

Ø We also have offices distributed in various towns in the metropolitan area.

Service Coverage

The Estrella Blanca Monterrey parcel service takes your orders all over Mexico, reaching where others cannot , thanks to our strategic alliance with Grupo Estrella Blanca buses. It also offers international shipping service.

How do I request information about services? 

It is very easy, to request information at a national level you only have to contact our user service center with national coverage, by telephone: 01 800 368 4200. Also, you can visit our contact via web www.enviageb.com.mx

What services do you find in Paquetería Estrella Blanca Monterrey?

On our home page we already told you about our services. You can find more information here. Our specialty is transport logistics, covering both the collection of messages and packages, as well as the effective delivery of your order either door to door or in the nearest agency in the city of reception, where it will be withdrawn by the recipient. Verifiable through our system of acknowledgment of receipt, guarantee of effective delivery. In addition we offer you:

Ø Packaging and freight service, as well as protecting your shipments with the parcel insurance.

Ø We have a freight collect facility, where the receiving customer will pay the price of the shipment upon receipt of the package or message.

Ø In case of massive shipments made by companies, we offer them the option to subscribe a credit line.

Ø We also have the National Express Service, making deliveries within 24 or 48 hours, depending on the destination of the message or package.

Ø Our international service has coverage in more than 180 countries, with the same quality as the local service.

Virtual Package Quote

When sending a package, it is important that the user knows the price to be paid. Therefore, Paquetería Estrella Blanca Monterrey offers customers a virtual switch of their packages.

Easy to use and very practical, in the online quote, you must upload the following data:

Ø Origin and destination of the shipment.

Ø Type of service for envelopes or packages, which in this case can be home delivery, express delivery or on-site pick-up, indicating whether the destination is local, national or outside the country.

Ø Dimensions and quantity of the shipment, with indication of the respective additional services: acknowledgement of receipt, stay per unit, stay per hour, home collection. 

Ø Upon completion of the form, an estimated shipping quote will be automatically provided.

Where and how can I track my package?

You can perform this process through a very friendly tool that allows in real time the shipment trackingYou can also use the links that you will find on the official website, in the Parcel Services banner.

In this link, you only have to provide the guide number of the package and in an automated way, the system will show the location of your shipment.

You can also access the shipment tracking service with a simple phone call to our offices, and our system will also provide the exact location of your order.

Because your opinion is important, the shipment tracking service, has a section in which our customers evaluate the quality of the service provided, necessary feedback that allows us to optimize our processes.

How long does it take for packages with Estrella Blanca Monterrey to arrive?

The time of sending packages, will depend on the service contracted. In general, our national shipments have a delivery time between 24 and 48 hours.

All this information can be consulted, through a phone call to the customer service center or at the quoting office, where we will indicate the estimated time of arrival of your packages

 History of Paquetería Monterrey Estrella Blanca

Paquetería Estrella Blanca Monterrey, or Envia, is recognized for its wide service coverage, responsibility, punctuality and seriousness.

It arose strategically, as an excellent business opportunity, by taking advantage of the bus lines of Grupo Estrella Blanca, in its different routes, to constitute a feasible and prestigious business, not only in passenger transport, but also in parcel and courier transport.

Over time, the company has managed to strengthen, with the implementation of ground units, dedicated to the delivery of packages and shipments, with greater immediacy and offering express service.

Delivery van

Estrella Blanca Monterrey is currently one of the courier and parcel services with the largest coverage in Mexico, with a quality service and affordable costs for its customers, with excellent value for money.

Coverage in Mexico

Aguascalientes DownloadCalifornia Mexico City DownloadCaliforniaSouth
Campeche  Chihuahua  Coahuila Colima 
Durango  State of Mexico  Guanajuato  Warrior 
Hidalgo  Jalisco  Michoacán  Morelos
Nayarit  Nuevo Leon  Oaxaca  Puebla 
Querétaro  Quintana Roo  Saint LouisPotosi  Sinaloa 
Sonora Tabasco  Tamaulipas  Tlaxcala 
Veracruz  Yucatan  Zacatecas  

How to invoice a Estrella Blanca Monterrey parcel shipment?

You can request your service contract, when making your shipments directly at the office of your choice or can be requested by contacting us by phone: 01 800 368 4200, or if you prefer to the phones of each office.

Another way is online, when you enter our website: printing/printing.mxfrom where you can download the invoice, make sure you have the delivery details at hand, as the system will ask for them. Here you can see more information about how to use this page.

At the moment, we are only able to offer the invoices of the current month.

Estrella Blanca Monterrey Promotions

The Estrella Blanca Envia Monterrey parcel service regularly does not offer promotions, because we offer prices within reach of our customers, highly competitive in the market.

However, we invite you to visit any of our locations, to find out about special offers that may be available at the time of shipping, as well as to obtain more information about our extensive portfolio of services.

However, if you still have any doubts, we recommend that you visit our FAQ section, where you may find the answer you are looking for. Have a nice day.